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                      1. Successful cases


                        Successful cases

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                        River pebble crusher and river pebble sand maker price

                        river pebble crusher and river pebble sand making machine in sand making line
                        The most reasonable solution of river pebble crusher and river pebble sand maker
                        The most rational solution of river pebble for making sand currently is crushed by jaw crusher (pebble crusher)and cone crusher( small yield available with fine jaw crusher), and making sand with high efficiency VSI sand making machine(pebble sand maker) for tertiary crushing.

                        Why not choose a impact crusher for secondary crushing and hammer crusher for making sand?
                        This is due to the structure and working principle of the device. Impact crusher and hammer crusher are beat crusher,which will increase the wear of hammer plate and hammer for high hardness and large silicon content of river pebbles.For example, Hammer head will be replaced frequently,and hammer can not insisted for 80 hours,which is low productivity and high maintenace cost.
                        (pebble crusher)jaw crusher

                        Thereby, we choose cone crusher (pebble crusher), jaw broken and sand maker for river pebble crushing.Cone crusher is squeezed crusher, Sand maker is long life wear parts and short equipment maintenance time, which greatly improved the lifetime of equipment and ensured a higher yield. Meanwhile, the output of sand maker (pebble sand maker)is good type with uniform size and level with the rationale,which can be widely used in highway, railway , hydropower dams, airport construction, concrete mixing stations and other areas.

                        River pebble crusher and river pebble sand maker case

                        This sand making line is mainly for river pebbles making sand in Spain. For the pebbles sand making,Great Wall skilled manager gives the most reasonable and economical solution for the customer.

                        River pebbles stone
                        Raw material: 100-200mm river pebbles stone
                        Input size: 100-200mm 5-20mm pebble stone
                        Output size: 5-20mm river pebble stone
                        Daily operation: 8 hours

                        Rriver pebble crusher and river pebble sand maker in the sand making line
                        2 3YZS2160 250x1000 Jaw Crusher(pebble crusher) , 1 VSI9526 high efficient sand making machine(pebble sand maker), 1 2160 circular vibrating screen ,1 3YZS2160 sand washing machine and 1 XSD3016 sand washer

                        River pebble stone for making sand working process
                        River pebble with less than 210mm is dumping into the hopper,and is sent to the two jaw crushers for the primary crushing by the belt conveyor. The broken river pebble stone will be sent to circular vibrating screen. The pebble more than 40mm will be back to Europe edition jaw crusher,less than 4mm be sent into the sand washing machine,and 4-40mm stone into sand crusher.The pebble is sieved by the circular vibrating, finished sand into the sand washing machine for cleaning, then to the finished product area by conveyor belt,and failed one to return to the sand maker and then broken, which forms a closed system.

                        River pebble crusher and river pebble sand maker price

                        Great Wall is a professional river pebble crusher and river pebble sand maker manufacturer,which provides river pebble crusher and river pebble sand making machine with reasonable price.For river pebble crusher price and river pebble sand making machine price,please feel free to contact us by .

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