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                                  100 tph stone crusher types specifications and difference

                                  Release Time: 2017-1-9 15:41:34 Visits:Source: wenlongge.com Editor:Great Wall

                                  If you are planning to establish a 100 tph stone crusher plant, you should select suitable stone crushers with 100 tons per hour. Here I will introduce several 100 tph stone crusher types specifications and difference.

                                  1. . Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of stones and rocks. It mainly service as a primary crusher. Just for jaw crusher, there are several model can meet the capacity of 100 tph, such as PE 500x750, PE 600x900. The different between the two type crushers is the Max. Feeding size. PE 500x750 jaw crusher can crush stones less than 425 mm while PE 600x900 can crush 500 mm.

                                  2. Cone Crusher. Cone crusher can crush medium and high hardness stone. Different from jaw crusher, cone crusher is used for medium and fine crushing. There are also several cone crusher models can meet the requirements of capacity, such as PYB1200 spring cone crusher, CSZ51B high efficient cone crusher etc. But which one is the best suitable? It depends on the required output size. If you need the fine output size, such as 5-10 mm, you should select a fine type, such as PYZ1200. The detail specification about the cone crushers, please click the following website:


                                  3. Impact crusher. Impact crusher is suitable for medium hardness stones. Just for capacity, PF-1210 impact crusher is suitable, and its output size can be adjusted. In general, the output size can be 10-40 mm.

                                  In a complete crushing plant, jaw crusher and cone crusher or jaw crusher and impact crusher are the most common used combination. They compose and work together. 

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