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                100 tph limestone crushing plant plan design and specifications

                Release Time: 2017-1-13 16:01:28 Visits:Source: wenlongge.com Editor:Great Wall

                When establishing a quarry crushing plant, you should have a plan first. Which kind of stone do you have? What's the size of it? Which aggregate size do you produce? And the expected capacity per hour. Different produce requirements need different plans. For instance, a crushing plant for crushing limestone, large capacity need large machine types, while small capacity require small models. However, besides the capacity, the feeding size and output size also influence on the choice of machines.

                For a two stages of 100 tph limestone crushing plant, a primary crusher and a secondary crusher are needed. For primary crusher, is suitable. PE600x900 jaw crusher and PE750x1060 jaw crusher are most common used type. But which one to select depends on the stone size before crushing. PE 600x900 jaw crusher is suitable for crushing stones whose size less then 500, while the PE750x1060 is 630 mm. You can select a suitable one according to stone size.

                Then how to select a secondary crusher? It depends on the required output size. If the required output size is extremely fine, such as 5-10 mm, you should select a cone crusher with fine cavity type, such as CZS51D cone crusher with fine cavity type. However, if the required output size is large and has wild range, such as 10-40 mm, a CZS36B cone crusher with coarse cavity type is enough.

                If you want to get detail specifications about the machine, please click the following URL to check: . If you want to customize a suitable plan, please contact us. 

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