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                            Crushing machine for making 2 mm to 10 mm aggregate

                            Release Time: 2017-1-18 15:58:33 Visits:Source: wenlongge.com Editor:Great Wall

                            A customer is looking for a crushing machine for aggregate. He wants to get 10 mm to 2 mm aggregate. But now he is not sure which type crusher machine is suitable.

                            There are several crusher types can produce 2 mm to 10 mm aggregate, such as cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher and sand making machine etc. But which type to choose exactly? It depends on other requirements: capacity per hour, feeding size and the hardness of raw material.

                            For example, cone crusher is suitable for medium and hard stone, while the other three are suitable for medium hardness stones. So if the raw material is really hard, you should consider the cone crusher first. Beside the difference of application, the specifications are the main difference. Each type crusher has a series of models, and these models have different specifications, such as Max. feeding size, capacity, power, dimension.

                            For instance, the input size is 40 mm, and the required capacity is 10 tons per hour, you can select a 2PG0604 roller crusher to make 2 - 10 mm aggregate. If the feeding size is 45 mm while the capacity is 40 tons per hour, you can select a PYD900 cone crusher. In some cases, there is a possibility that several crusher types can meet the produce requirements. In this situation, we will select the lowest cost type. If you are interested into the different types' specifications, please click the following website: . More questions, please contact us. 

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