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                  Aggregate crusher types selection and difference

                  Release Time: 2017-2-6 17:10:51 Visits:Source: wenlongge.com Editor:GreatWall

                  If you want to produce aggregate, an aggregate crusher is necessary. In the market, there are many aggregate crusher types, which are used for different produce requirements. For example, according to the different aggregate size range, aggregate crushers are divided into primary crusher, secondary crusher and fine crusher.

                  Primary crusher has large opening feed size, so it can feed large stone and crush it into smaller size. In ideal situation, one crusher should crush rocks into specific aggregate size, such as 0-20 mm. However, if the stone which is going to be processed is too large, only one crusher cannot meet. As a crusher has the limit crushing ratio. Thus if the stone is too large, a primary crusher is required. The most common used primary crusher is . The output size of jaw crusher usually varies from 40 mm to 300 mm.

                  If you want to produce 5-20 mm aggregate, you should use a secondary crusher. There are two types secondary crusher: cone crusher and impact crusher. Cone crusher also has several types: spring cone crusher, Symons cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher etc. The diversity of secondary crusher types can make sure to produce different aggregate size range at different capacity and situation.

                  If you want to produce superfine aggregate, such as sand shape with 0 - 5 mm, a sand making machine is required.

                  If you want detail specifications about the aggregate crusher, please chick the following website to check: . If you are puzzled about choosing suitable aggregate crusher, please email us your requirements, we will let our engineer customize the most suitable plan.

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