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                      Micro powder mill

                      Home > > Products > Series of Mills > Micro powder mill

                      Micro powder mill

                      Usage and Application:

                      The machine is designed to produce super-fine powder or micro powder of different materials with hardness less than 6 in Moh’s scale and humidity less than 6 percent such as kaolin, limestone, calcite, marble, talcum, barite, gypsum, dolomite, bentonite mud, mica, pyrophyllite, sepiolite, diatomite, graphite, alunite, fluorite, potassium feldspar, phosphorite, pigment and so on. The granularity of the end products is 325-2500 meshes (0.044-0.0055mm).


                      1.High-efficiency and low consumption

                      3d开奖号416前后关系With the same fineness of end products and motor power, its output is two times higher than that of Jet Mill, Mix Mill, and Ball Mill.

                      2.Quick-wear parts with longer working life

                      3d开奖号416前后关系The grinding rollers and rings are made of special materials. Generally, their work life is more than one year and it could be as long as two years when processing calcium carbonate.

                      3d开奖号416前后关系3.Security and Reliablity

                      Because there are no rolling bearing and bolts in the grinding chamber, the problems of easily damaged bearings and sealings as well as machine damage due to the bolts looseness are avoided.

                      4.Cleansing and Environment Protection

                      The adoption of pulse dust collector and muffler reduces the industrial dust pollution and noise, which reaches the National Standard.

                      Working principle

                      The motor of main equipment drives the main shaft and dial through reducer, and the dial drives numbers of rollers moving in the ring channels via pins. After being crushed by hammer crusher, big materials become small ones and they are sent to the hopper by elevator.

                      The electromagnetic vibrating feeder sends them to the middle of first layer of dial evenly; the materials will be driven to the edge of dial by centrifugal force and fall into the ring channels and are pressed, crushed and ground by the grinding rings and rollers. After ground in the first layer of the dial, the materials fall into the second and third layer and are crushed and ground. The high pressure centrifugal blower inhales air from the outside and blow the materials from the third layer to powder classifier.

                      3d开奖号416前后关系The rotating turbo in the powder classifier makes the coarse materials return to the mill and reground, while the fine powder mixed in the air goes into the cyclone collector and is discharged from the bottom via discharge valve. The air with very little powder is purified by pulse dust catcher and discharged by blower and muffler.

                      Main Specifications

                      Model Roller Numbers
                      Ring Diameter
                      Ring Numbers
                      Max. Feeding Size
                      Motor Power
                      CZM60 15 Φ600 1 10 0.044-0.005 350-2500 37 10000*2500*5500
                      CZM80 21 Φ800 1 10 0.044-0.005 600-4500 55 13000*3000*6400
                      CZM100 27 Φ1000 1 10 0.044-0.005 900-6500 110 18000*4000*8300

                      Note: Any Change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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