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                      2. Products


                        TWP Efficient Fine Crusher

                        Home > > Products > Series of Crushers > TWP Efficient Fine Crusher

                        TWP Efficient Fine Crusher

                        Usage and Application:

                        3d开奖号416前后关系High efficient fine crusher is a newly developed fine crushing equipment for special metal materials, which is developed by our company. Fine crusher for metal adopts the most advanced crushing technology of both domestic and abroad with the features of unique structure, high efficiency and energy saving. And this fine metal crusher owns two national patent technology. This high efficient fine metal crusher is mainly used in the industries of metallurgy and casting to crush barium or iron alloy, such as silicon iron,ferroalloy, silicon-calcium, silicon barium,high magnesium and silicon calcium barium.


                        1. The fine metal crusher is reasonable design and easy maintenance.
                        2. With low energy consumption and high efficiency,high magnesium crusher is widely used for high magnesium processing.
                        3.Metal fine crusher is even output granularity and same particle shape.
                        4. With compact structure and less occupied area,the metal crusher is mainly used for metal processing.
                        5.With dust collecting device and less dust pollution,the metal crusher is environmental friendly.
                        6.With easy installation and operation of the metal crusher,there is no need to do foundation fixation .

                        Working principle

                        3d开奖号416前后关系Great Wall fine metal crusher manufacturer provide TWP Efficient Fine Crusher,which is a high efficient fine metal crusher, also called silicon iron fine crusher, ferrosilicon alloy crusher,iron alloy crusher,ferroalloy fine crusher,silicon calcium fine crusher,silicon alloy crusher, ferroalloy crusher,silicon barium fine metal crusher and silicon calcium barium fine metal crusher,high magnesium crusher,high magnesium fine metal crusher with reasonable metal crusher price.

                        Main Specifications

                        Model Feed Size
                        Output Size
                        Motor Power
                        Overall Dimension


                        3d开奖号416前后关系 <50




                        3d开奖号416前后关系 1.2

                        3d开奖号416前后关系 1960×1060×1000

                        3d开奖号416前后关系 TWP-322B




                        3d开奖号416前后关系 7.5



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