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            Vibrating Feeder

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            Vibrating Feeder

            Usage and Application:

            This vibrating screen moves round with multi-layers and high efficiency. It can screen the materials into multiple levels products according to the different material size. It is widely used for grading and screening in the industry of mining, building materials, transportation, energy, and chemical industry, etc.


            1.Long flowing line and various screening specifications.

            2.Using the eccentric blocks to generate strong vibrating force.

            3d开奖号416前后关系3.Screen cross-beam and box are connected by strong belts, simple structure, convenient in maintenance.

            4.Small amplitude, high frequency, large-inclination structure, high efficiency, large capacity, long service life, low power consumption and noise.

            Working principle

            The motor drives the vibrator via v-belt, which makes the screen do a cyclical reciprocating in the directin of vibrator. The materials are sieved by making round movement in the screen.

            Main Specifications

            Model Feeding Chute
            Max. Feeding Size
            Motor Power
            GZD750*2500 750*2500 300 50-80 3 1590 2580*1100*1400
            GZD850*3000 850*3000 400 80-120 7.5 3895 3110*1800*1600
            GZD960*3800 960*3800 500 120-210 11 4210 3850*1950*1630
            GZD1100*4200 1100*4200 650 180-400 15 4850 4400*2050*1660
            GZD1100*4900 1100*4900 650 220-460 15 5500 5200*2050*1700
            GZD1300*4900 1300*4900 800 300-550 22 6680 5200*2350*1750
            GZD1500*6000 1500*6000 950 500-850 30 9970 6160*2918*2292

            Note: Any Change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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