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                            1. Products


                              XL Sand Washer

                              Usage and Application:

                              XL Series Sand Washing Machine is used for sand washing, separating, and cleaning in the construction of high speed road, high speed railway, hydroelectric project, public works and so on.


                              3d开奖号416前后关系1. Optimization design of water groove, which can drain out the water to the hilt.

                              3d开奖号416前后关系2. Professional designed stock guide , adjustable long overflow weir board and optimized spiral speed make washing and classification to be more accurate.

                              3. New leakproof structure can reduce the maintenance work and upkeep cost to the maximum content.

                              4. The helical blade is made of wear-resistant material , this can reduce the cost and make the machine have a longer service life.

                              Working principle

                              Material is evenly fed in by hopper, certain amount of water is poured into the tank continuously, transmission part drives the screw shaft to rotate at certain speed to force the materials to roll in the groove and moves to the outlet. Fine materials and waste are discharged trough downflow weir together with overflow, coarse materials are discharged through outlet, so as to wash, classify , decontaminate and dehydrate the materials.

                              Main Specifications

                              Model Spiral Diameter
                              Size (mm)
                              Water Consumption
                              Motor Power
                              Overall Dimensions
                              XL-762 762 1 <10 <75 9-63 11 9070*2650*1530 5.20
                              2XL-762 762 2 <10 <140 20-150 2*11 9070*3250*1530 7.45
                              XL-914 914 1 <10 <100 10-80 15 9070*2650*1638 6.35
                              2XL-914 914 2 <10 <200 60-300 2*15 9070*3510*1638 11.30
                              XL-1118 1118 1 <10 <175 13-168 22 9070*2830*1900 12.70
                              2XL-1118 1118 2 <10 <350 60-600 2*22 9070*3890*1900 16.50

                              Note: Any Change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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