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                    1. Products


                      XT Drum Stone Washer

                      Home > > Products > support equipment > XT Drum Stone Washer

                      XT Drum Stone Washer

                      Usage and Application:

                      3d开奖号416前后关系This machine is mainly used to wash the sand used in the high standard project of high-way, rail way, water conservation, bridge, tunnel etc.


                      3d开奖号416前后关系1. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance.

                      3d开奖号416前后关系2. High capacity, low power consumption.

                      3. High cleanness, good dewatering effect.

                      Working principle

                      When Stone Washer works, the motor drives the shell to run through v-belt and reducer, the materials are fed in through the hopper, at the same time , add water . Rotating with the shell, materials roll in the shell and rub with each other, the continuous water flow brings the impurities away, and is discharged through the water outlet on the bottom of the shell at the discharging end, clean materials are send out through the outlet.

                      Main Specifications

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