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                        1. Products


                          lime production line

                          Usage and Application:

                          3d开奖号416前后关系The limestone out of the cooler enters into the lime storehouse through the vibrating feeder, chain bucket conveyor, bucket elevator and belt conveyor. Whether to carry out screening and other procedures depends on customer requirements.


                          Qualified limestone stores in silos and be shipped through the pre-heater by the elevator into the silos which is on the top of the pre-heater. The pre-heater on the top of silos is consisted of top and bottom level meter controllers which control the feeding capacity. Then through the feed tube the limestone is distributed to the indoor compartment of the pre-heater.

                          Working principle

                          3d开奖号416前后关系The limestone in the pre-heater is heated to around 900 ° C by the kiln flue gas of 1150 ° C. At this time, about 30% of the limestone has been decomposition. Then the limestone is put into the rotary kiln by the hydraulic stem. In the rotary kiln the limestone sinters and decomposes into CaO and CO2. Then the decomposed limestone goes into the cooler and is cooled to about 100 ° C by the cold air and then is discharged. The 600 ° C hot air after heat exchange goes into the kiln and combusts with gas. The Exhaust gas blended with the cold wind go to the bag filter through the suction fan and then through the exhaust fan into the chimney.

                          Main Specifications

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