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                • service


                  ServiceHome >> Service

                  Pre-sales Services:
                  1.  to guide to choose more proper product types.
                  2.  To send an engineer to program fields and design the best scheme on the spot for free.
                  3.  To design and make the products according to the special demands. 

                  Services During Sales: 
                  1.  To arrange strict examinations before the product is delivered.
                  2.  To deliver products according to the contract. 

                  After-sales Services:
                  1.  to send an engineer to guide to install and trial-run the machines on the spot.
                  2. To debug and trial-run the machines.
                  3. To train operator on the spot.
                  4. One or two engineers will help the customer to operate the equipment for one month after installation until the buyer is satisfied.

                  5. If any problem occurred in the production, we would give the definite solution in 24 hours, and if is necessary, we will go to the customers as soon as possible.

                  Quality Guarantee

                  Our Company guarantee the quality of equipments (excluding wearing parts) for a period of one year (12months) from the da the da te of trial run finish, but not exceeding 18 months from the date on which machines leave factory. Outside the warranty period or m the da an-made damage to the equipment, we will provide life-long maintenance services for spare parts at cost price.
                  • Spare Parts for Crushers
                  • Spare Parts for Grinding Mills
                  • Spare Parts for Other Equipments

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